A Better Text to Speech App for Pocket & Evernote Users

Pocket for iOS has own text to speech function, but it’s not useful enough because of the following reasons.

Pocket App Problem

1.You can’t make Playlist to keep listening.
2.You can’t play from selected words easily.
3.It doesn’t have Sleep Timer and Repeats functions.

Overall, you cannot use it like Podcast apps since it was not built for listening to contents from the start.

So I made a simple and easy to use app, Voicepaper 2 for people who want to listen to contents while commuting or exercising.

Voicepaper 2 offers

1.Make Playlist and reorder it easily.
2.Play contents in the background with remote control.
3.Play from selected words and Highlight speaking texts.
4.Sleep Timer and Repeat text functions.
5.Downloads contents from Pocket, Evernote and Dropbox.
6.Supports over 25 languages and switch them automatically.

Make Playlist and Reorder it easily

You can reorder your contents while playing and listen to them in the background. You can also control it with iOS remote headphones.

Play from Selected Words

Double tap words to play from a place you choose. You can change speaking rate easily and use Sleep Timer and Repeat Text functions.

Listen to Contents via Pocket

Use Pull to Refresh to refresh Pocket contents and listen to them on the go. You can also archive or delete articles on Pocket with swiping left.

Listen to Contents via Evernote

You can also fetch Evernote notes or web clips. Evernote web clipper is useful since it can fetch articles which Pocket cannot read.

Listen to Texts via Dropbox

If you want to listen to text files, use Dropbox to import it into Voicepaper.

Any Feedback is Welcome

Download Voicepaper 2 for iPhone・iPad

I would like to hear your feedback to make it better. You can contact me in the help chat of the app, @umekun123, or umekun123(@)

You can upvote it on ProductHunt if you like it.

PS: I made a text to speech app called Lisgo a few years ago, and a lot of Pocket users liked it, so I thought it is time to make a new one from a scratch.

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