Start from the riskiest part

When I make new apps, I always try to check to see what is the riskiest part of the business.

Plus, I try to look for the fastest way to check that. I think like this for everything, including ideas for new apps, programming, and so on.

So, what is the riskiest part for me?

Motivation Risk

Motivation is the engine for everything. I believe this is the most important aspect of your work. If you lose it, it’s over. It is always reflected in your work.

Therefore, what I care about first is not losing my motivation during developments.

If I make something, I want to make something amazing. If I want to make something amazing, I need to keep going day by day. If I want to keep going, I need to pick something I can keep my passion for.

How is that measured?

My trick is to wait. I usually wait for weeks, even if I come up with something I am excited about.

When you get a new idea, you always get excited most at first, but after several days, that excitement could fade away gradually.

If you still have a passion for your new idea after a few weeks, it could be something that you wouldn’t give up on easily.

Technical Risk

Another important thing is to consider whether or not your idea is even possible to achieve with current technology.

You can’t create it if technology and ecosystem are not ready, no matter how much you want to make it.

This is also essential when I start programming something new. I always start from the hardest part, in other words, I want to start on the part of the project that I am not even sure that is possible to implement yet.

This doesn’t mean you must jump on the hardest thing at first, it means you find the most important thing and start from there.

It’s better to tackle on the most important and uncertain parts first, and skip the small things that you can predict.

It might feel good if you start from easy things you can do since you feel productive after seeing your progress. However, if you find out that the most important part of your app is technically impossible later, everything you did beforehand will be a waste of your time.

Demand Risk

This is the most difficult part to check.

The two things above are something you can see by yourself, but demand is different.

The only way to check this is to ship your product. Shipping takes time, that’s why you should start from the riskiest parts to minimize the risks.

There are tons of uncertain things in this world, including your health, environments, change of the ecosystem, and some things you never imagine.

So, skip the easy and small parts of your project, and start from riskiest things in easy and fast ways.

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