I released the simplest app I’ve ever made on the App Store

I made a redicuralsy simple timer app.

I made it since I had wanted the app like this for a long. It’s free, search for “ListTimer” on the App Store.

Download ListTimer Here.

※The language of the video is Japanese, but the app supports English too.

This is the simplest app I have ever made, but I created it because I personally want to use it.

Why did I make an another timer app?

I use the default iOS timer app very often, almost everyday. For example, I use it for setting my work time.

In this case, it’s ok to set 3 or 4 hours one time a day. However, if I want to set 3 or 5 minute timer quickly when I cook or do something, it’s a pain.

First, the tapping area on iOS timer app is very small, and you need to select your desired time carefully using that hard-to-use drum roll UI.

I have many situations in which I want to set a timer, but to keep using the iOS default timer app makes me tired everyday, and I wanted to fix it.

How about other timer apps available on the Store?

OK, I tried lots of timer apps available on the App Store myself first. I thought I could find the one suits me easily.

I was wrong, I could find nice apps which have lots of features, or looks cool, and are customizable in different ways. But, All I wanted was a simple app where I can set times very easily and keep using in the long run.

I needed a timer app focused on the part of setting times and starting it quick.

So, I researched on timer apps available, and how I can improve it to make the one I love to use very often.

In the end, I found the easiest way to set times is setting the time list from 1 min to 90 min from the first, and scroll it to start one of them with one-tap.

Every list height should be big enough to tap it comfortable, cool, this suits me best! This is great, simple is best, less is more! I don’t need the other features!

I showed it to my friend, and he said “You can’t set 1:30?”, but I answered calmly just like a king, “This app doesn’t need that, that is because I don’t need it”.

Honestly, I thought I might need to make it possible to customize times, but I can think about it later if this app becomes popular enough.

Background behavior

One problem, third-party apps cannot play audio like iOS default timer app does. This is the same for all third-party timer apps.

I enable Silent mode almost always so this is the most important part for me. If you disable Silent mode, it plays audio with notifications in the background though.

Therefore, this app sends several local notifications in a row to let you know the timer is done.

Local notifications vibrate your device even in the silent mode and background status.

By the way, it doesn’t consume battery power since it schedules a timer locally. It also works offline.

About App Store Descriptions

I like to try new things as much as possible for learning. This time, I have done a different approach on the App Store. Instead of writing the app description normal way, I wrote why I made this app over there.

It could be less boring rather than listing features one by one, oh, wait, this app doesn’t have enough features to list anyway.

I was worried about being rejected from the Apple reviewing process as claiming it as a too simple app, but maybe the reviewer read the descriptions and understood the concept.

Please try it out if you are interested in using the fast one-tap timer app.

Download ListTimer on the App Store here.

*I've made Text-to-Speech, Money Tracker, and Timer apps. About Me.